Static Measuring Equipment From Haug North America

The field intensity meter “Static Control” is a reasonably priced and easy to handle measuring unit. “Static Control” is operated using an ON/OFF soft key (with circuit-breaker) and two further soft keys for the 0-100 and 0-1000 kV/m measuring ranges. The meter is battery powered and can thus be used independently of the mains. It should be part of the basic equipment of every electrical engineering workshop.

The StaticMeter I Electro Field meter is a small hand-held field strength meter with digital display for measuring electrostatic charges in Volt. It perfectly combines easy operation with accurate measuring technique.

The field intensity meter “Stato II” is used for measuring electrical charges, fields and voltages. This convenient meter is a precision instrument which can be used both in the laboratory and directly at the machine. The measuring head is connected to the unit by means of a coiled cable, allowing measurements on the running machine. Push buttons are used to select the required measuring range: 0-20, 0-200 or 0-2000 kV/m. At the same time the charge sign is indicated. The unit is also equipped with a recorder output. The instrument is powered alternatively by a NC storage battery or via the mains.

  • Measuring case including measuring cable
  • Measuring head
  • Magnet holder
  • Storage battery
  • Mains cable




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