HAUG Power Supplies, Power Packs, High Voltage Power Supply, Multistat And Multistat Plus Power Pack

High Voltage Power Pack Transformers EN-C/EN-C4

Static Control Power Supply EN-C type High Voltage Power Pack Transformers are used to supply HAUG ionizing units. The integrated high-voltage section transforms the applied mains voltage to approx. 7,000 to 8,000 volts. The unit is equipped qith two or four high-voltage terminals. Readiness for service is indicated by an integrated pilot lamp

The EN 8 LC power pack represents the state of the art. The monitoring which is integrated in the secondary area indicates that the partial discharge inception voltage (= start of effect of ionization units / ill.1) is too low by making the monitoring LED blink. The compact printed circuit board technology ensures reliability and ease of maintenance. The device has four gas-tight high-voltage connections and has been manufactured in accordance with protection type IP 54, protection class I as per VDE.

The high-voltage power pack EN 70 / EN 70 LC / EN 70 RLC is a powerful and hardwearing unit. Its design fulfills all electrical engineering requirements. The EN 70 / EN 70 LC / EN 70 RLC power pack is used in fast-running machines in combination with tandem ionizing bars.

The Multistat power pack in combination with HAUG ionizing units is intended for the removal of electrostatic charges. The mains voltage is transformed by the Multistat to an output voltage of 7 – 8 kVAC for the operation of HAUG ionizing units.

The HAUG Compact-Line offers a package of ionizing technique at a reasonable price. Small and easy to handle, the EN CL power pack has a modern layout and is highly efficient. This power pack is equipped with a high-voltage connector (connectable length 5 m). The EI PRQ ionizing bar perfectly complements the power pack EN CL.

With his modular electronic components the EN SL power pack guarantees a service-friendly power supply.The EN SL power pack comes with two high-voltage connections and was designed to provide HAUG ionizing systems with the required voltage.

The combination of power pack NF 45 and ionizing bar NFA was developed specifically for use on fast running machines. The power pack NF 45automatically adjusts the discharging frequency (400 – 800 Hz) to the connected bar length. The higher frequency of the power pack NF 45ensures a high decoupled current and therefore fast, even discharge of the material. Still, the ionizing bar NFA is absolutely safe to touch.

The high-voltage power pack Multitstat Plus with its long permissible connected length and extended monitoring facilities is a high-performance unit. The Multistat Plus is particularly suited to systems with multiple ionizing bars. The extended functions of the Multistat Plus allow improved monitoring of the ionizing system set-up with this unit.

The discharging power pack EN 9 Sine supplies energy to HAUG ionizing units. A functional monitoring facility reports impermissible operating states in the ionizing system such as short circuit and spark formation or thermal overload. The EN 9 Sine can be pulsed and supplies a monitoring signal of the output high voltage.

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