Web Cleaning Static Control Systems from Haug North America

These Web Cleaner 1 WXC 1 are used for removing dust from surfaces. The functional modules consist of ionization, air jet and extraction. These modules are coordinated effectively within a closed system.


The Web Cleaner web dedusting unit is connected to a high-voltage power pack. The air jet and extraction units can either be connected to existing utilities or to specially designed accessories.

Combination With Ionizing Bar

The following ionizing bar can be combined with the Statik-Air 09 housing:

  • Ionizing bar EI PS

Compressed Air

Compressed air of a quallity suitable for spraying applications must be available, i.e. it must be free of oil and water. The upstream installation of a service unit with integrated oil and water separator is recommended.

Air Consumption

Air consumption in Nm³/h as a function of extraction width and operating pressure

Web Speeds

The maximum web speed of the standard version is approx. 80 m/min. Higher speeds are available on request.


Cleaning and elimination of electrostatic charges from material webs in the same process by using ionized compressed air (fig. 2). The integrated extractor ensures and optimum and residue free degree of surface cleaning. Plastics, furniture, paper, print, film, foil, automotive, electrical and other industries.

Pulsed Operation

The application for Statik-Air systems in pulsed operation can be recommended for media transported with intermediate distances/gaps.

Advantage: reduces costs (e.g. for compressed air). Pulsed operation can be controlled by external input to the switchgear, e.g. using photoelectric sensors, proximity switches or other potential-free contacts.

Continuous Operation

The application of Statik-Air systems in continuous operation can be recommended if the medium to be cleaned passes through continuously.


The switchgear is equipped with three functional modules:

  • Power supply with power circuit breaker, motor circuit breaker foe extractor dan, On/Off switch and control lamps. Should it be necessary to connect two extractor fans to one switchgear, the relevant versions can also be supplied.
  • Solenoid valve for compressed air control with time-delay switch for pulsed operation.
  • High-voltage power pack with 4 high-voltage terminals. The watchdog integrated in the secondary area signals a drop below the corona inception voltage.

Technical data WEb Cleaner_table el_class=”tech_table text_left”]
Type WXC 1 Order-No.: 04.0110.000
Dimensions 80 x 35 mm
Lengths 45 to 1200 mm (greater lengths on request)
Weight approx. 4 kg/m
Cable outgoing available right or left
Operating temperature +5 °C to +45 °C
Storage/transport temperature -15 °C to +60 °C
Smallest bending radius (cable) R 50

Subject to technical changes![/mk_table]

[mk_Accessories_table el_class=”tech_table text_left”]
Compressed-air hose
Ø 12 x 9 mm
Order-No.: X-6616
Radial fan Order-No.: X-1516
Filter control valve Order-No.: 11.7210.001
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