Needle Ionizer From HAUG North America

The Needle ionizer NI generates positive and negative ions. The units assist the air stream and is intended to eliminate electrostatic charges and contamination (e.g. dust) from small and tiny vessels.

Special Features And Advantages

The equipment is supplied with a suction chamber, which permits particles escaping from a hollow body (bottle) to be sucked up.
This suction chamber can be unscrewed if the needle ionizer is operated without the suction facility.
The injection electrode can be exchanged! Please pay particular attention to this feature, as it permits the diameter and length of the injection electrode to be adapted to the particular hollow body (e.g. height of bottle and diameter).



Technical Data_table el_class=”tech_table text_left”]
Types NI einschl. 2 m HV-cable and
injection electrode (Ø 6 or 8 mm,
up to a Length of 50 mm)
Order-No.: 14.7521.000
NI without Kabel,
cable length on request
Order-No.: 04.7521.000
Ø 6 mm,
Length up to 50 mm
Order-No.: 06.7521.000
Injection electrode Ø 8 mm,
Length up to 50 mm
Order-No.: 06.7522.000
Further lengths on request.
Operating temperature +5 °C to +45 °C
Storage/transport temperature 15 °C to +60 °C
Smallest bending radius (cable) R 50

Subject to technical changes![/mk_table]

Technical Illustration:



Suitable Power Packs_table el_class=”tech_table text_left”]
Connectable lengths
(ionizing unit incl. high-voltage cable)
EN SL max. 5 m
EN SL LC / EN SL RLC max. 10 m
EN 8 / EN 8 LC max. 18 m
Multistat max. 18 m
EN 70 / EN 70 LC max. 2 x 18 m
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