Remove Static Charges With Duo Air Gate

Duo Air Gate LS GK

The Duo Air Gate LS GK, together with its simultaneous dusting of non-conductive surfaces, is a highly developed and efficient aid in the removal of electrostatic charges. The device reduces negative impacts on production so that quality losses, as well as high numbers of rejects, can be almost completely eliminated. This reduces production costs considerably.

The Duo air gate is especially suitable for high operating speeds (≥ 150 m/min.): thanks to the parallel emission of positive and negative ions, the charge loss is minimized during the neutralization process.

Combination With Ionizing Bars

The Duo air gate consists if a basic air gate and two ionizing bars from the HAUG product range.

The following ionizing bars can be combined with the LS GK:

The HAUG ionizing bar EI Ex T is used in potentionally explosive areas. A suitable power pack provides the high-voltage supply.

Duo Air Gate + EI RN

The circular construction of the EI RN ionizing bar permits exact axial adjustment in the direction of travel of the material. By using this powerful and robust device it is possible to remove surface charges reliably and effectively, even at igh operating speeds.


Duo Air Gate + EI VS

Compared to the standard version the EI VS ionizing bar offers a considerably increased efficiency. Just as with the EI RN, the special features of the EI VS are the reliable and removing contact system X-2000, the special stainless-steel electrodes and the convenience of being safe to touch.



Production processes in the surface treatment of paper, leather and plastic webs, as well as in laminating and coating equipment, can be optimized by using air gates. Air gates with integrated ionization for dust removal are mainly used in the following fields.

  • Painting / spraying
  • Automotive industry
  • Glass industry
  • Furniture industry

Production processes in the surface treatment of paper, leather and plastic webs, as well as in laminating and coating equipment, can be optimized by using air gates.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Contamination of pressure tubes and precision nozzles reduce the performance of HAUG air gates. Regular and careful cleaning with the special cleaning agent SRM 1 and the cleaning kit RS 1 ensure long service life and constant efficiency.

Technical Data_table el_class=”tech_table text_left”]
Types LS GK
200 – 1500 mm Length 115V
Order-No.: 01.7801.020
1510 – 3000 mm Length
Order-No.: 06.0520.001
Dimensions 80 x 80 mm (H x T)
Length 200 – 3000 mm (special lengths on request) Basic unit for two ionizing bars (round),
Please order ionizing bars separately!
Nozzles Precision flat jet nozzle, Ø 0,4 mm, air discharge 60°, nozzle spacing 50 mm, single row
Operating temperature +5 °C to +45 °C
Storage/transport temperature -15 °C to +60 °C
Smallest bending radius (cable) R 50

Subject to technical changes![/mk_table]

Technical llustration:


L1 = specific to order
L = specific to order (250- 3000 mm)
Hochspannungskabel = High voltage cable
Luftanschluss = Air connection

Suitable Power Packs_table el_class=”tech_table text_left”]
Connectable lengths
(ionizing unit incl. high-voltage cable)
EN SL max. 5 m
EN SL LC / EN SL RLC max. 10 m
EN 8 / EN 8 LC max. 18 m
Multistat max. 18 m
EN 70 / EN 70 LC max. 2 x 18 m
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