Ion Air Blower From HAUG North America

HAUG’s Ion-Air blower IB is based on the concept of a proven ionization technique. Negative and positive ions are added to the air flow produced by a cross-flow blower. The air flow hence becomes conductive and is able to eliminate electrostatic surface charges on non-conductive material.

The Ion-Air blower operates on a low pressure principle and does not require costly compressed air. The power supply, which is required to feed the ionzing bar with high voltage, also operates on a low energy consumption level. This makes the Ion-Air blower a very efficient ionizing system, especially for applications where constant ionization is required.

  • on winding and unwinding systems (especially films and foil)
  • on injection moulds and their handling systems
  • in the production of circuit boards
  • in the electronic industry
  • in the plastics and packaging industry

The Ion-Air blower becomes very flexible when a larger operating length is required. Several units can be “daisy-chained” in series. In this case, only one ionizing bar and one power pack is required (other lengths are also available on request).

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