Hazardous Area Ionizing Devices

Hazardous Area Ionizing Devices serve to neutralize electrostatic charges, e.g. in the paper, textile and printing industry and are utilized in coating, spreading and laminating machines or in painting and calandering systems, among others.

HAUG has for years been the competent manufacturer of ionizing devices which are licensed as equipment in explosive areas.

  • The Multistat “Ex”
  • The EI “Ex” Ionizing Bar
  • The “Ex” Ring Ionizer
  • Power Pack EN 92 “Ex” & Argonaut”Ex”

The Multistat “Ex” is a modern high-voltage power pack with fully electronic watchdog function. It is fitted with an automatic fault alarm, an analog display for operating voltage monitoring and an output jack for the connection of peripheral alarm units.

This power pack is installed outside explosive areas.
The Multistat “Ex” is designed according to VDE 0745, protection type I, IP 54 and has prototype test certificate BVS 95.Y.6003 X.

Connector with driver

The EI “Ex” ionizing bar is constructed to conform with the provisions of VDE 0171. It is suitable for use in operating areas at risk of explosions caused by combustible materials of explosion class 1 in the area of ignition group G1 – G4. Certifying authority “Physical-Technical Federal Institute” with test certificate
PTB no. III B/E-29 628.

The ionizing bar can be supplemented with compressed air support from an air gate. This accessory is particularly suitable for blowing-off processes on plate and web material or where installation is difficult, e.g. in the case of longer distances from the material.

Two basic units of types LS “Ex” and KL “Ex” are available.
Air consumption figures can be given on request.

The “Ex” ring ionizer is supplied as a hand-held unit with compressed air gun, type 04.7191.000 or for fixed installation, type 04.7190.000. With compressed air support these units are ideally suited to the blowing-off of workpiece surfaces.

At the same time, electrostatic charges on non-conductive material can be eliminated in one process.

The units are constructed to conform with the provisions of VDE 0171 explosion protection and have prototype test certificate
BVS 95.Y.6003 X, classification Ex s IIA T4.

The EN 92 “Ex” and Argonaut “Ex”
power packs are suitable for direct use in zone 1 explosive areas. All high-voltage components are accommodated in a flameproof Ex “d” housing. Both power packs have a high-voltage connection for the connection of an ionizing unit.

Long high-voltage cables are not required, since the power packs can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the ionizing unit. The EN 92 “Ex” power pack has no electronic watchdog function. The Argonaut “Ex” power pack is fitted with the “Argontronic” electronic watchdog timer. This requires an operator display with accessories.

Both power packs are designed to conform with VDE 0171

Part 1 ff. IEC 79/1, conformity certificate INIEX 82.103.183 and as equipment conform to the requirements for explosion protection under EN 50 014 ff./IEC 79/1 for d II BT 60.

Operator display, display panel, connection unit on request.

We reserve the right to technical modifications!

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