HAUG Charging Bar ALS

The HAUG charging bar ALS is suitable for most applications where material webs are to be fixed relative to each other. The charging bar ALS can be supplied using a HAUG AG-series charging generator. These are optionally available with positive or negatice polarity. The voltage of the charging generator can be steplessly adjusted.

The charging bar ALS must be attached at a distance of approx. 10–20 mm above the material to be charged, directly above the counter-electrode. The grounded counter-electrode must make contact with the material to be charged.

In order to achieve a continuous, controlled fixation of the two materials, we recommend that, before charging, the materials to be fixed to one another, be discharged using a suitable HAUG ionization system.

Special Features and Advantages

The charging bar ALS is available both with axial and radial exit of the high-voltage cable. The high-voltage cable and the pin strip can be simply replaced.

Technical Data_table el_class=”tech_table text_left”]
Charging bar,
standard model, with
detachable HV-cable,
axial cable connection
Order-No.: 08.8710.000
Charging bar,
standard model, with
detachable HV-cable
radial cable connection
Order-No.: 08.8711.000
radial cable connection
cable outgoing on the
Order-No.: 08.8725.000
radial cable connection
cable outgoing on the
Order-No.: 08.8726.000
Dimensions 30 x 40 mm (ALS A, ALS R)
Length 200 mm to 2000 mm
Operating temperature +5 °C to +45 °C
Storage/transport temperature -15 °C to +60 °C
Aufbau Special synthetic material made to stand high-voltage, compact design, enclosed all round. Assembly screws M10 x 40, T-groove running the whole length of the bar, optimum installation possible.

Subject to technical changes![/mk_table]

[mk_Accessories_table el_class=”tech_table text_left”]
als_04 Bar holder (synthetic)
Order-No.: 10.0198.000
Bar holder (synthetic)
Order-No.: 10.0197.000
Assembly screws
(synthetic, M10)
Order-No.: X-4357
Nut (synthetic, M10) Order-No.: X-4185
Disc (synthetic, Ø 10,5) Order-No.: X-4145
Capping, for switching off sections of the
spray electrodes on the bars
Order-No.: X-5099
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