Silent X-Stream™ Air-Blade™  Air Knife Ionizer

Nex Flow  Silent X-Stream™ Air-Blade™ Air Knife Ionizer  is an effective way to eliminate static electricity from webs, sheet stock and plastic surfaces. The Ion Air Knife AK GK belongs to the group of air gates. As the name already indicates, these are ionizers which are supported by air flows. The effectiveness of the Air Knife can be explained by the special design of the air discharge nozzle which creates the so-called “coanda effect”.

Nex Flow™ Air Blade™ Ionizer

Special Features And Advantages

Reducing the injection affords the air blast operated Air Knife ionization unit two particularly positive aspects:

  • The air discharge speed is increased, resulting in increased effective depth. This in turn permits a greater operating distance of the Air Knife to the material web.
  • The slot jet has a wider angle of dispersion, which is expanded from 24° to 33°. A larger surface is therefore covered with ionizing, neutralizing air.

  • Plastic processing industry: Film processing, packaging machines, sheet extruders, etc.
  • Textile industry: Weaving and spinning mills, textile finishing, etc.
  • Graphic industry: Screen and pad printing machines, photo and film processing machines, folding machines, etc.
  • Paint shops: Car painting, painting of plastic components, etc.



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