Mechanical Tramp Oil Skimmer Accessories

Separate tramp oil waste from good coolant

Diverter™ Reduces Coolant Waste

Good coolants act like oil, which means a mechanical skimmer draws up some coolant along with the tramp oils. The Diverter saves your coolant by separating it from the tramp oils and returning it to the sump.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Brass outlet ports with discharge pipes
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Works with Sidewinder and Belt Skimmer and many other brand skimmers
  • For oil volumes to 2 quarts per hour
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dims: 7x3x2.5″

Part Number Shown: BGST4

How the Diverter Works

  1. Oils (tramp and coolant) enter here
  2. Coolant sinks and passes under this weir
  3. Clean coolant returns to your sump here
  4. Tramp oils discharge to waste container here

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