Ionizing Ring Electrode EI-RE From HAUG North America

With their extensive and fully developed technology, ring electrodes EI RE provide a wide-ranging neutralization effect. The plastic processsing industry recognize them as an essential production aid with innumerable applications. The radial and central alignment of the electrode as well as a symmetrical choice of ions, together with large spacious punchthrough guarantee maximum efficiency and performance.


Special Features and Advantages

  • Simple opening and closing: The two-part ring electrode can be opened for a short period of time during machine setting up. During production, for instance, this enables quick and uncomplicated changing of the film.
  • Small but good: Minimal dimensions guarantee a wide field of application with the most diverse type of machines.
  • Safe to operate: The high voltage parts are encapsulated and absolutely safe to touch.
  • Simple installation: The patented, co-axial HAUG plug-and-socket connection System X-2000 guarantees assenbly/installation in seconds, without tools.

The ring electrode, with air support, can also be supplied as ring ionizer EI RIF .


The following industries represent just a few of the areas where application of the ring electrode EI RE has repeatedly proven its value:

  • Plastic processing industry: on an extruder, during manufacture of plastic tubes, profiles, half-shells and bars and on plastic blow-moulding machines.
  • Packaging industry: on filling machines
  • Film/foil industry: during manufacture of plastic bags.

Technical Data

Types/Dimensions EI RE 014 200 Order-No.: 14.8114.000
Ø external 140 mm
Ø internal 100 mm
EI RE 018 200 Order-No.: 14.8114.001
Ø external 180 mm
Ø internal 140 mm
EI RE 024 200 Order-No.: 14.8114.002
Ø external 240 mm
Ø internal 200 mm
Special dimensions on request
Optimum effective distance EI RE 014 200 approx. 80 – 20 mm
EI RE 018 200 approx. 120 – 60 mm
EI RE 024 200 approx. 180 – 120 mm
Opening dimension L1 EI RE 014 200 opened approx. 140 mm
EI RE 018 200 opened approx. 180 mm
EI RE 024 200 opened approx. 240 mm
Cross section approx. 18 mm x 20 mm
Operating temperature +5°C to +45°C
Storage/transport temperature -15°C to +60°C
Smallest bending radius (cable) R 50

Subject to technical changes!

Suitable Power Packs

Connectable lengths
(ionizing unit incl.
high-voltage cable)
EN SL max. 5 m
EN SL LC / EN SL RLC max. 10 m
EN 8 / EN 8 LC max. 18 m
Multistat max. 18 m
EN 70 / EN 70 LC max. 2 x 18 m