Powerful • Focused • Magnetic Fluid Filtration

Reduce Wear • Mitigate Damage • Increase Reliability • Extend Equipment Life

Watch this short video to discover how FilterMag can:

• Increase profits
• Reduce downtime
• Improve oil filter efficiency


Improved Oil Quality Longer Fluid Life Proven in the Field

FilterMag is proven effective in the laboratory and in extensive field service to remove particles that contribute to equipment wear.

Cleaner lubrication oil directly contributes to longer service life, reduced downtime, and lower maintenance costs


  • Field Proven 50-90% Reduction in Particle Counts
  • 30-100% Increase in Lubricated Component Life

Rotating Equipment

  • Laboratory proven 62% reduction in ISO 4406 particle counts
  • Field Proven 70-90% Reduction in Particle Counts
  • Proven protection during catastrophic pump failures


  • Field Proven 70-90% Reduction in Particle Counts
  • 60+% Increase in Lubricated Component Life
  • Extend Oil Life


  • Field Proven to Reduce Wear
  • 60+% Increase in Lubricated Component Life
  • Extend Oil Life


Millions of Dollars have been saved by our customers.

Do you worry about reliability? Cover your assets with FilterMag.

If your equipment isn’t working, you aren’t making money. FilterMag not only increases reliability but also extends equipment life. When things do go wrong, FilterMag can mitigate damage and make repairs go faster. No matter your industry, we invite you to compare the cost of FilterMags to one day or even one hour of lost production.


  • Less Downtime
  • Faster Repairs

Oil and Gas

  • Increased Reliability
  • Damage Mitigation

Manufacturing and Processing

  • Proven Increases in Availability
  • Extended Fluid Life

Power Generation

  • Cleaner Oil
  • Longer Equipment Life

How effective is a filter alone?

Cheap Oil Filter (filters particles as small as 40 microns)

Premium Oil Filter (filters particles as small a 20 microns)

With FilterMag (filters particles as small as 1 micron)

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