Dynamic Descaler®

(BIO DESCALE) Works On Limescale, Water Scale And More! Revolutionary Biodegradable Industrial Descaler

DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale as it is known in Europe) is the world’s fastest, safest and leading Biodegradable Descaler that is designed to dissolve the toughest water scale, limescale, mud and rust deposits from any piece of water-based equipment. Get rid of water scale, lime scale and other mineral deposits!

Whether you are descaling heat exchangers, chillers, condensers, pumps, cooling towers, boilers, tubes, pipes or any equipment that comes in contact with water, DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale) is the Biodegradable Descaler of choice. Water scale on any heat transfer surface reduces the effectiveness of that heat transfer. This results in reduced equipment efficiency while increasing energy consumption, increasing costs and even increasing plant downtime.

In the past removing scale has been a major problem. Mechanical removal requires extensive downtime while the item of equipment is disassembled, then reassembled. And corrosive acid cleaners, such as concentrated hydrochloric acid, raise occupational health and safety concerns and disposal problems. Not to mention the significant risk of long-term detrimental impact on plant life from metal loss.

The safe and effective way to remove scale deposits from all types of water-cooled and water-heated equipment is DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale) Biodegradable Descaler.

From industrial plants to land mark buildings to marine. DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale) Biodegradable Descaler is the safest biodegradable descaler specifically formulated to rapidly clean mineral scale from passages in water-cooled or heated equipment.

DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale) Biodegradable Descaler Improves:

  • plant efficiency
  • lowers cost
  • conserves energy
  • decreases downtime
  • extends the usable life of cleaned equipment

  • Fast so your equipment is cleaned with a few hours!
  • Easy to use Efficient Highly Inhibited – Superior corrosion inhibitors. Your equipment will not be harmed!
  • Powerful detergents and penetrating agents
  • Extremely low-foaming Wetting agents Biodegradable – Will not harm our environment
  • Safe To Humans – It will not harm your personnel
  • Save Time And Money – Prevents costly shutdowns, expensive repairs, reduces energy and operational costs, and will extend the lifespan of your equipment!

Our revolutionary bidegradable descaling solutions are available in 3 different options to suit your requirements:

  • Water/Lime Scale Remover – DYNAMIC DESCALER®
  • Dynamic Descaler® Descale 518
  • Aqua Safe Descaler

Please choose the right solution for you.

Important Note:

  • Descale 518 is suitable for Aluminium or Stainless Steel applications. Do not use standard Dynamic Descaler in these situations.
  • We have found that types of limescale vary across locations. Dynamic Descaler is suitable for most applications, but if it does not work in your location then Descale 518 or Aqua Safe will. If unsure please contact us to discuss before ordering.

DYNAMIC DESCALER® Biodegradable Descaler has the ability to dissolve approximately 1.5kg of calcium carbonate scale per gallon in concentrated form. It does not need to be heated up during cleaning. Because DYNAMIC DESCALER® Biodegradable Descaler is free rinsing you do not need to neutralize or pacify the system. The uniqueness of DYNAMIC DESCALER® Biodegradable Descaler allows you to clean some equipment while still in operation utilizing a minimum of your own personnel.

  • It is a safe non-toxic, biodegradable chemical to be used on the waterside of heat transfer equipment.
  • You do not have to heat DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale) Biodegradable Descaler thus it is safer for the employees to use than other acid products.
  • Your equipment will be cleaned in only hours without disassembling any part of the equipment. Equipment can also be cleaned without any down time (cleaning on the run).
  • Cleans down to the original surface without pitting. DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale) Biodegradable Descaler is safe on copper, copper-nickel, bronze, brass, iron, stainless steel and rubber.
  • DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale) Biodegradable Descaler will extend the usable life of your equipment, especially when used as a part of a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance program.
  • Removing the scale build up allows your equipment to operate more efficiently with less down time.

DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale) Biodegradable Descaler is approved and used by:

  • British Royal Navy
  • Exxon
  • Mobil
  • Ford Motors
  • General Motors
  • PCA Paper Mills
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • U.S.Navy

Based on corrosion tests perfomed by an independent lab, DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale) has a significantly lower corrosion rate than its nearest competitor.

  • Learn more about Dynamic Descalers low corrosion rates

safe-for-peopleRapidly dissolve and remove all water scale and lime scale deposites with DYNAMIC DESCALER® (Bio Descale) Biodegradable Descaler. A revolutionary biodegradable liquid descaler which also removes rust, and other non-soluble sedimentation deposits safely and effectively.

  • Biodegradable. Won’t harm the environment
  • Safe. Won’t harm workers
  • Economical. Compare cost to other products and cleaning options.
  • Fast. Equipment is cleaned within a few hours.
  • Superior corrosion inhibitors.
  • Lowest corrosion rate of any descaler.
  • Powerful detergents and penetrating agents.

Ideal for:

  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Condensers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Oil Coolers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Water Piping Systems
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Safe on:

  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
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