Petroleum Based Degreaser De-Solv-it Citrus Solvents

De-Solv-it - Petroleum Based Nontoxic Degreasers Citrus Solvents

Petroleum, Based, Degreaser, De-Solv-it, Citrus, Solvents De-Solv-it petroleum based nontoxic degreasers citrus solvents are ideal for applications where water based cleaners cannot be tolerated.

Cleans everything from greasy machinery to filled cables to paint-covered hands. Removes everything from blood stains to oil marks to chewing gum.

Reusable as contaminants will separate from material. 

Will not mix with water so water can be used to help separate contaminants.

The #1 solvent! Excels at removing tar, asphalt, oil, grease, chewing gum, and more! Proven exceptional on greasy, oily, sticky problems. Written up safe in medical journals. And it is 100% organic, biodegradable and SAFE.

In addition to its many outstanding industrial uses , De-Solv-it® has been used to remove tar and asphalt from and around burn victim wounds and as an effective eye wash. Written up in such prestigious medical publications as American Journal of Surgery and Emergency Medicine Journal, De-Solv-it® has passed safety tests for:

  • Eye Irritation

  • Inhalation Toxicity

  • Muscle Tissue

  • Oral Toxicity

  • Primary Skin Irritation

In fact, De-Solv-it® has been used as an adhesive and tar remover in trauma centers, hospitals, and care facilities across the U.S. De-Solv-it® passed Independent Safety Tests for: Draize Eye Irritation, Inhalation Toxicity, Muscle Tissue Toxicity, Oral Toxicity, and Primary Skin Irritation.

De-Solv-it Uses

Shop Production Floors
Pour De-Solv-it on the floor. give it frm a few seconds to a couple of minutes to work. Move from one place to another with a squeegy. Once the area has been cleaned, the De-Solv-it can be picked up with a wet-dry vac, washed into a sump drain or picked up withan oil absorbant material. Works great on oils, greases, gum and adhesives.

Tanker Clearners
Spray the entire tanker, inside and out with De-Solv-it. Allow to sit for a few minutes. Then hit it with your power wash. For some heavily incrusted areas a second application may be necessary. The water will wash the De-Solv-it into your recovery system where it can be pumped off and re-used.

Oils, Grease, Resins
Allow tools or parts to soak in De-Solv-it for several minutes. Remove and wipe off with a dry cloth. For teh removal of residue from machinery. Use a fine spray or rag with De-Solv-it and wipe the areas that need to be cleaned. In areas of heavy build up more than one application may be needed.

Electrical Parts & Equipment
Dip parts to be cleaned in De-Solv-it (hot or cold). Keep the solution moving to wash away the residues. For GEL in Cables, dip in DeSolv-it or wipe on with a rag, spray on and then wipe dry with a clean rag. For PC Boards, wipe dry with a clean rag or blow dry after cleaning. Will not hurt wires, cables, computers or electrical motors. Has a 50,000 volt dielectric strength.

Parts Washers - Sonic Cleaners - Dip Tanks
Allow the parts that need to be cleaned to soak in De-Solv-it or have the solvent flushed over the parts for a few minutes. Remove and wipe dry or blow dry with an Air Hose. With our low evaporation rate we need thses methods if speed is important. The contaminents will fall to the bottom during periods of non-use. Use heated or cold.

Tar and Asphalt Removal
Sprau a small amount or pour a few drops on the affected area. Move the De-Solv-it around lightly to loosen the top layer. Within a few minutes the residue should be removed. Works fine in removing tar and ashphalt from clothes and skin.

Adhesive & Sealant Removal
For Hot Melt Machines, labeling machines and work areas where adhesives and some sealants are used. Spray or wipe on a coat of De-Solv-it. Allow a couple of minutes for penetrating the residue. Where tape is to be removed, peal back the carrier after a couple of minutes of soak time (for double faced tape it may take a longer soak time) wipe with a clan cloth. For Silicon rubber and Sealant it may take up to 1 1/2 hours of soak time.

Use De-Solv-it in Dip Tank to remove oils anf grease from parts. It works well on new parts as on used parts. It has been used on new and re-built transformers. De-Solv-it is being tested for use as a heat transfer fluid.

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