Established in 1983 by Les F. Rapchak (MBA, P.Eng), with headquarters near Toronto, Canada, Tech Sales Co. maintains a network of branch offices and associated representatives and distributors globally. Our technical support in-house is strong with backup from principles around the world. It’s mission: to seek out new, unique and specialized technologies for the improvement of manufacturing productivity and plant environment. Tech Sales Co., constantly searches for new products and growth areas to expand its expertise and assist in cost reduction for both new and existing clients. Tech Sales Co., offers consultation on the application of its technologies and related products to provide cost pay back in as short a time as two weeks.

  • Optimization of compressed air for blow-off, cooling & conveying applications in a variety of industries.
  • Static Control for the converting, printing and plastic industries for various applications (reduce/eliminate static buildup which causes production/quality problems or creating a static charge for pinning applications eliminating costly mechanical methods, tapes, glues, etc.).
  • Surface treatment of plastic parts to eliminate the use of costly primers, mechanical roughing or hazardous chemicals in preparing the surface for bonding, gluing or printing (especially on materials such as polypropylene), and surface treatment of two dimensional plastic films in Printing and Bonding applications.
  • Unique Plastic Flaw Repair Coating for extruded and injection molded plastic parts to repair flow lines & knit lines and still leave a paintable surface, also ideal as a primer for difficult to paint plastics.
  • Non-Hazardous Chemicals: non hazardous strippable coatings for spray booths, and for surface protection, safe to use descaler, safe degreasers & cleaners, non-hazardous heat transfer fluids including food grade versions for many heating and cooling applications.
  • Other Special technologies
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