Plastic Flaw Repair Chem-Pak Perfix

Plastic, Flaw Repair, Chem-Pak PerfixCHEM-PAK's patented Flaw Repair Products will beautifully dress your molded plastic parts by uniformly flatting the surface and masking surface condition flaws. 

These acrylic polymer and/or copolymer coatings are applied as a very thin coating. 

They mask flaws without changing the part color, UV or flammability characteristics. 

Reduce part rejects, avoid regrind problems, produce beautiful uniform parts, use right at workstation, optimize productivity.

Flaw Repair Coating For Plastic Parts

A Permanent, Post-Molding Surface Enhancement Coating for Interior Parts

The Solution to Knit/Flow Lines

Permanently Eliminate Knit/Flow Lines

  • Get Rid of Gas Tracks

  • Correct Gloss Levels

  • Eradicate Rib Print Through

  • Work Out Start-Up Problems and Still Deliver Perfect Parts, On Time, Every Time

Sound too good to be true? Let us prove it to you. You finally have an immediate way to permanently repair knit lines, flow lines, light splay, glossy spots, gas tracks, rib print through, and light scuffs. You now have an alternative to regrinding or costly disposal of parts with cosmetic flaws. You now have a tool that can fix your parts immediately while you work the problems out of your mold or process. By simply spraying your parts with our patented coating, you can eliminate most of the cosmetic flaws that are common with injection molding.

Permanent - Transparent - Micro-Thin - Post Mold Coating - No Color Change
- For Most Resins and Blends - Multiple Gloss Levels

Per-Fix is the solution. Per-Fix is a permanent, micro-thin, transparent coating that you spray directly onto the flawed part to eliminate most cosmetic flaws. Per-Fix is specially formulated for the resins you are molding. And, since Per-Fix is transparent, it can be used on any color part. It will not change the color of the part. Our five different coating systems ensure adhesion and top performance for almost any resin. Each system is offered in several gloss levels to match your requirements. With our multiple systems and gloss levels, we can almost always find the perfect match for your parts. We can even formulate a custom gloss level to meet your exact needs.

Save Time - Save Money - Stay on Schedule - Easy to Use - Aerosol and Bulk

Best of all, Per-Fix is economical and easy to use. Per-Fix comes in both aerosol cans and in five gallon liquid containers to meet your specific production needs. With adequate airflow, Per-Fixaerosols can be sprayed on the part right at the mold station. The liquid version is perfect for spray booth operations. Plus, with an applied cost of $0.10/ft2, it's a very cost effective way of fixing your problems.

Apply Only to Problem Parts - Free Evaluation Kits - Reduce Production Costs

Introduced to injection molders in 1985, Per-Fix was born out of a direct need of our molding customers. "Can you make anything that will help us get rid of knit and flow lines?" No coating like this had ever been developed, (before or since) but we took on the challenge and created Per-Fix. Now, you can spray Per-Fix onto your flawed parts and watch your problems disappear. See for yourself how amazing Per-Fix is.


If you are molding matte finished, color-coded, textured, interior parts, and cosmetic flaws are a problem, this is a tool you need. You will be amazed at how much easier this will make your job, and how much time and money it can save you.

What kind of plastic are you molding? We have a coating for almost everything!

Our five systems include:

Plastic, Flaw Repair, Chem-Pak Perfix

8205 ABS

Per-Fix™ Flaw Repair Coatings for ABS provides a permanent, micro-thin, transparent coating to eliminate cosmetic flaws. Gentle system that will not harm ABS. Quick drying. Use on ABS, Cycolac, glass filled Nylon, and other similar resins. Available in aerosol and 5 gallon pails.

8205 is available in the following gloss levels: 8205AAA, 8205AA, 8205A, 8205B, 8205C

Plastic, Flaw Repair, Chem-Pak Perfix

7205 Polypropylene

The original Per-Fix “Flaw Repair Coating”. Great for polypropylene and also our best “all-around” coating. Dries quickly and provides excellent adhesion. Works well with many blends. Use on polypropylene, Cycoloy, Xenoy and other PC/ABS blends, and other similar resins. Available in aerosol and 5 gallon pails.

7205 is available in the following gloss levels: 7205AAA, 7205AA, 7205A, 7205B, 7205C

Plastic, Flaw Repair, Chem-Pak Perfix

6500 Styrene/Polycarbonate

Per-Fix Flaw Repair Coatings for Styrene/Polycarbonate is specially developed for use on these solvent sensitive plastics. While mild enough to spray on a styrofoam cup with no ill effects, its adhesion and effectiveness are outstanding. Use on styrene, polycarbonate, acrylic, HIPS, polystyrene, and other similar resins. Available in aerosol and 5 gallon pails.

6500 is available in the following gloss levels: 6500AA, 6500A, 6500B, 6500C

Plastic, Flaw Repair, Chem-Pak Perfix

6405 Vinyl/PVC

Formulated with adhesion and flexibility in mind, Per-Fix Flaw Repair Coatings is for use on vinyl, PVC, Estand, Noryl, PPO, PPS, Pellethane, Rubber, Sheet Molding Compounds, TPE, TPU, Ultem, and other similar resins.

Available in aerosol and 5 gallon pails.

6405 is available in the following gloss levels: 6405AAA, 6405AA, 6405A, 6405B, 6405C

Plastic, Flaw Repair, Chem-Pak Perfix

5205 Nylon®'

Specially developed to provide excellent adhesion to Nylon and Nylon blends while masking surface flaws. Per-Fix Flaw Repair Coatings for Nylon brings the part to a perfect surface condition which is both transparent and permanent. Use on Nylon, Nylon 6.6, Celcon and other Acetals, PBT, PET, Polyimide, TPO, and other similar resins. Available in aerosol and 5 gallon pails.

5205 is available in the following gloss levels: 5205AA, 5205A, 5205B, 5205C

Cross Use of Products:

Cross use of products on resins not specified is acceptable as long as adhesion is tested and found to meet your criteria. Adequate pre-use testing should include coating several parts, allowing the coating to cure for 24 hours and then performing an adhesion test as specified in ASTM D3359. (Test methods available upon request from chem-pak.)

Per-Fix is designed for use on all interior, textured, matte finished, plastic parts. We do not recommend Per-Fix for parts that will be used outdoors or in exterior applications. No warranty, either expressed or implied is granted on any application of the product in an exterior setting. Warranty is limited to replacing or accepting return of any defective coating material. We recommend thorough performance testing of Per-Fix prior to any large-scale commitment of use.

General Physical Characteristics

Nature of Coating:
Proprietary acrylic blend
Proprietary technology used. Permanent adhesion to most plastics.
UV Stability:
Does not change burning characteristics of coated parts.
Electrical Conductivity:
Resistance - 1013 megohms/mil.
Scuff Characteristics:
No change from substrate.
Film Thickness:
.2 - .3 mils. (5 - 8 microns)
Change in Color:
No change. Transparent coating.
Humidity Sensitivity:
Wet film: May blush when temperature is in excess of 80 F and 80%humidity. Once dry, coating is not sensitive.
Surface Coverage:
Aerosols: 70 ft2. Liquid stock: 800 to 1,000 ft2. The size of the part determines over-spray loss.
Chemical Resistance:
Diesel fuel, Gasoline, Hydraulic fluid, Aliphatic Solvents. Not resistant to IPA.
Average material cost: $0.10 - $0.12 /ft2.


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