The TubeDyne™ Corona Treating System is designed for outside treatment of medical tube ends for a permanent bond to other tubing, surgical instruments, housings and more. TubeDyne is an essential for the production of catheters. TubeDyne harnessing corona treatment utilizes corona treatemnt which alters the surface energy on Pebax and polyethylene tubing creating a strong bond between adhesives, coatings, and ink. Any tubing up to 0.375″ in diameter can be placed in the holding fixture to receive uniform and gentle corona treatment at a length of approximately 1.25″.


TubeDyne is a compact, self-contained tabletop corona treating system including integrated generator, transformer, electrode assembly, holding fixture and ozone filter. The system is PLC-controlled and features an operator console with a human machine inter face (HMI), including: monochrome touch screen with status menu, run time log, service hour log and alarm/trouble-shooting screen

The TubeDyne advantages:

  • Self-contained compact tabletop system
  • Enhances bonding of housing to medical tube ends
  • Powerful repeatable and uniform treatment
  • Treats up to 0.375″ in diameter without set-up changes